stress free, healthy, easy & environmentally friendly cooking – could you ask for more?

What if you could have one appliance that was a microwave, steam oven and conventional oven?  V-ZUG have produced a range of steam ovens that take the stress out of cooking, reheating and baking & are the first to combine three types of heating.  Thornbury Electrics have been the authorised service agents for V-ZUG since their introduction to the WA market in 2013.

Forget soggy crusts with the “Professional baking” operating mode combining steam and hot air that is perfect for all types of pastry & bread.   It doesn’t get much easy than the “BakeOmatic function” – there is no need to enter the cooking time, temperature, operating mode or weight manually. A unique sensor  enables the Combi-Steam to automatically detect the weight size of the food before selecting the best sequence of the various operating modes – also automatically – together with precisely the required temperature and cooking time. And you also know exactly when the dish is ready to serve.  In a nutshell – V-ZUG steamer makes life easier.

vzug stream ovenvzug steam functions

How does a steam oven work? 

The steam is evenly distributed in the cooking space of a steamer. and condenses when it encounters the food. The heat energy of the steam is transferred to the food, which is gently heated, thereby retaining to a large extent the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements as well as the food’s natural flavor.
Another benefit of steam is that as soon as the food has reached the temperature of the steam, it no longer condenses, so that nothing will scorch. And it’s practically impossible to overcook food in a pressureless steamer. You can therefore steam different kinds of vegetables at the same time and they all come out perfect.

How easy is it to use?

A great deal of technology has gone into a V-ZUG steamer ensuring carefree, day-to-day cooking with perfect results.  Practical details such as a 1.25 litre water tank, enough for over two hours of cooking on high, and there is never a need to refill it. A swing arm is submerged in the water tank and draws up the water. This is how we ensure that your steamer never loses water.
V-ZUG steamers produce steam outside the cooking space in an external boiler. The advantage being that the right climate is generated in seconds, and the alternation between steam and hot air is extremely precise.
The climate sensor constantly monitors the humidity in the cooking space and controls the steam supply so that the food is gently cooked in an unparalleled manner. The climate sensor also guarantees a very low water and energy consumption.
After cooking, the residual water in the boiler is pumped back into the water tank. thus ensuring that your steamer is instantly ready for the next time.

How about cleaning?

Cleaning a V-ZUG steamers is extremely easy – one swipe with a soft cloth is all you need. Thanks to the external boiler, no limescale accumulates in the baking space and there’s practically no residual water, so that you can deal with your steamer before you eat and not afterwards.vzug steam oven

Just some of the functions:

Ko-Regenerieren  The regeneration programme for pre-prepared meals and convenience foods.  With a special combination of steam and hot air, called Regeneration, you can warm up pre-prepared meals and convenience foods at the touch of a button without losing quality or moisture and bring it to the table as if it were freshly made. Dishes can be regenerated on several shelves at the same time without covering them. This programme removes the need for a microwave in the kitchen and ensures much more healthy and tasty results.

Refreshing function- For the first time, dishes can be heated fully automatically until crispy and prepared as if they were freshly cooked. Dishes can be heated on several levels without any loss in quality or moisture.

pikto-hygieneWhen you need to ensure hygiene as well as cleanliness. In particular, families with small children or households that produce home-made food and store it will really value the new hygiene applications. Baby bottles, dummies or other baby items can be sterilised in the steam cooker without any great effort. Bottling jars can also be prepared well and preserved after filling. The good thing about this is that, thanks to these applications, pans are no longer required and several litres of water are saved. Simply put everything into the steam cooker and start the application. Job done! In this way, you have even made a small contribution to protecting the environment.

For more information, tips and recipes please visit the website.

V-ZUG are the is the Swiss market leader for household appliances.  Established in 1913, V-ZUG focus includes low consumption levels, longevity and the sparing use of resources.  ISO 14001 certified,

Knowing for generations that kitchen and laundry appliances need to be able to withstand a few things, V-ZUG has long been synonymous with robustness and longevity. If it comes from V-ZUG it runs absolutely reliably thanks to high quality materials, the most modern manufacturing methods and a highly skilled workforce.

Thornbury Electrics have been the authorised service agents for V-ZUG since their introduction to the WA market in 2013.  We are happy to help with all in warranty and after warranty repairs and service.  All warranty calls should be made to V-ZUG