Electrician Carlisle, WA

Need an Electrician Carlisle?

Have you spotted our local bin adverts around the neighbourhood?

Can you guess this location? Can you name another spot you have seen the bin ads?

Electrician Carlisle Local bin ad









Thornbury Electrics moved to Carlisle in 2014 and have been proud residents ever since. A few of our favourite local businesses include:

Star Lunch Bar

Belle Du Jour

Totally Thai

Our Electrical Services

We are committed to safety, excellent workmanship and providing great customer service. We provide complete solutions tailored to meet your needs.

  • Installations: Our electricians carry out safe and efficient electrical installations to meet strict safety requirements. We handle installations of all sizes from new ceiling fans to switchboard upgrades and data and computer cabling for home and commercial establishments.
  • Repairs: Faulty equipment can bring business to a complete halt. With fully equipped vans, we can address emergency repairs as soon as possible. We also offer repairs for a broad range of issues from light fittings to power faults.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance on electrical systems and appliances is essential to ensure optimal performance. From monthly to annual inspections, our maintenance services are ideally suited for property managers and real estate agents.
  • Appliance servicing and repair: Do your home or business appliances need servicing or repair? Our electricians have experience with servicing and repairing a wide range of appliances. These include gas and electric ovens, stoves, cooktops, steam ovens, and more.