Electrical Installations in Perth

For efficient and safe electrical installations, phone and data cabling installations, Thornbury Electrics is your solution.

Our friendly and experienced electricians carry out all types of electrical installation and repairs.  We’re happy to help you with something as simple as changing a light globe or the complete electrical, phone & data installation in your home, office or shop.

ACMA Licensed Installations

Being ACMA (Austel) licensed, we professionally install & repair telephone cabling and points, ASDL central filters, data and computer cabling and television points – all you need for a smooth and effective home or business.

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler and must be in accordance with the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/CA S009), which ensure safety to consumers, cablers and the network.

If the NBN connection has left you with a less than perfect in-home network, call us for additional data points or suggestions on ways we can help.


Data cable patch panel

We recommend Clipsal safety switches (RCDs) and smoke alarms/detectors, designed to protect you and your family (please see FAQ for more information).

Concerned about rising power costs?

Our electricians carry out an inspection of your property and advise on ways to reduce power consumption.  Simple installations such as timer switches, dimmers, sunset switches for outdoor lights & motion sensors can reduce consumption along with meters that can be installed to monitor usage.  This will help you know when and where the most electricity is being used.

Consider upgrading to LED lights

LED (light-emitting diodes) light fittings are a cost effective and eco friendly alternative to recessed low voltage down lights.  Depending on the type of down light already installed either LED globes can be fitted or the fitting can be changed over for a LED fitting.

LED lighting uses approximately a quarter of the electricity and has a lifespan of approx. 25 000 hours compared with 3500 hours from halogen globes.

This saves you money and helps the environment at the same time!  We can supply and install LED fittings and/or globes or are happy to fit any light fittings you purchase.

Surge Arrestor Installation

Surge arrestors are a great way to protect your valued electronic equipment from incoming power surges.

We use and recommend Clipsal Infrascan sensors as a simple way to protect your home or commercial site. These sensors are backed by a 5 year in house warranty.

Switchboard Upgrades

We perform switchboard upgrades, mains upgrades both overhead and underground. All work is carried out with an emphasis on quality workmanship.

For older Perth homes, switchboard upgrades may be necessary to ensure the board and wiring is sufficient to support the electrical needs of your house. Modern household appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, electrical ovens and air conditioners all require a high load of electricity, and an old switchboard will not be able to keep up.

Running too many electrical appliances on an old switchboard can be dangerous – they may be missing the required 2 RCD’s, and high loads can increase the risk of a connector in the fuse or the wiring burning out and causing an electrical fire.

Thornbury Electrical can keep your family safe and increase the effeciency of your electricity supply by upgrading your electrical switchboard. Talk to our friendly and experienced team today to find out more.

Outdoor Power and Waterproofing

Transform your outdoor space with ambient garden lights for driveways or entertaining spaces.  Ceiling fans and weatherproof power points can also be installed for the perfect outdoor entertaining area.

With our workshop conveniently located in Carlisle Victoria Park, we provide fast and efficient service to South Perth, Como, Kensington, Manning, Salter Point and Applecross just to name a few areas but regularly service the greater metro area, north and south.

Contact us at Thornbury Electrics (contact page) today to discuss how we can assist you with your electrical needs or call (08) 9367 8840.