Product focus of the week – Highland gas cooktops


Thornbury Electrics have over 5 years experience with Highland cooking appliances.  As authorised service agents our technicians are trained and qualified in the repair and operation of all products both gas and electric.

The following information is just a little about the Highland range of cooking appliances.  Please see the website for more information.

Just like you gather the best ingredients to come up with a great meal, we do the same with our appliances.  Cooking from the heart is all about love, nurture, the joy of putting together a great dish from very little, the excitement of something more complex, the reward of the joy in the faces around the table.

At the very heart of every Highland gas cooktop is the Highland FullSpectrum burner that is designed to cover the full complement of requirements – from delicate simmering as low as 0.5 MJ/h to high-intensity wok cooking at 22.0 MJ/h.

This broad range allows you to go from braising the meat to turning down your ragout, for example to a very low simmer to keep it warm, all without having to move the casserole dish.

To prove that only the best will do, all gas burners are made from solid brass. The solid metal dials are further tangible evidence of the Highland quality.d71382_2bcb4bacc8254d41b808243da01d7fbe

With individual and dedicated ignition boxes for each and every cooking zone, the lighting process is precisely targeted. Should a flame blow, the automatic re-ignition ensures that the cooking process continues uninterrupted. However, if unsuccessful a flame-failure device ensures that gas doesn’t leak into the kitchen and create a hazard. In combination, these features make for one of the most sophisticated gas cooktops on the market.

Choose from stainless steel models for a heavy-duty commercial look or black ceramic glass as a more elegant option. Tailor it to your requirements with one, three, four, five or six burners, or have a foot in two camps with Highland’s mixed energy cooktops that have both gas and induction cooking zones.

Either one you choose, every Highland gas cooktop is hand-finished and manually tuned in Melbourne to ensure optimum performance levels.

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