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Are you licensed?

All electricians and electrical contractors must be licensed to work in Western Australia. Our electricians and appliance repair technicians hold current electrical workers licences and gas servicing licences.  Licence numbers and names can be checked on the EnergySafety website http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/energysafety/licensing-search

Under the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991, electrical work must be performed by people with licences issued by the Electrical Licensing Board. Some types of work are exempted from these regulations.

A licensing system ensures only qualified electricians are employed by Electrical Contractors.

A safety certificate is provided on completion of all electrical work as required by Energy Safety.  Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion are submitted to Western Power on completion of jobs requiring this notification.  Notices of completion for all gas installations are submitted to Energy Safety.

All cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling, that connects with the telecommunications network must be performed by a registered cabler or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler.

Under the Cabling Provider Rules (CPRs), cablers are required to register with one of the five registrars accredited by the ACMA.

All registered cablers are required to undertake appropriate training modules to ensure that they are competent to perform the cabling work according to the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/CA S009), which ensure safety to consumers, cablers and the network.

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Is your work covered by warranty?

A 12 month warranty applies to all labour. Parts are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and repair/replacement is made at the manufacturers discretion.

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How do I know my electrical repair is safe?

Safe installations are performed by competent people to appropriate industry standards.

Electrical Contractors must certify the work is safe and complies with regulations before supply is connected. Certifications can be independently validated for authenticity with Energy Safety.

If completed correctly, modern electrical and gas installations will remain safe for the installation’s expected life.

Older appliances and gas installations may be more volatile and safety concerns such as electric shocks and gas leaks must be reported to your electrical or gas supplier as soon as you notice them.  We can then assist the repair or if more economical, replacement of the appliance.

For more information go to www.westernpower.com.au 

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 What is an Electrical Safety Certificate?

As of the 1st July 2008, all electrical contractors must supply an electrical safety certificate within 28 days of their service.

This certificate guarantees your work was safely performed by licensed electrical contractors and complies with regulation standards.

Certificates are issued for all electrical installations (excluding repairs) completed on residential, commercial, industrial and institutional premises.

No matter how small your job is, we recommend you request a certificate for your records.

For more information go to www.commerce.wa.gov.au

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 What do I need to know about smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms are an essential safety device for your home.

In 2009 it became compulsary for all houses, units etc being sold or rented to have smoke alarms fitted. Mains powered smoke alarms are wired into your house’s electrical system and have to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

All smoke alarms have a recognised service life of 10 years before they become unreliable. Smoke alarms therefore need to be changed every 10 years. For safety reasons, smoke alarms are fitted with a battery back-up. When the battery requires replacing, a warning beep will sound every 60 seconds for a minimum of 7 days.

How do I know if they are working? All smoke alarms are fitted with a test switch and FESA recommends all units should be tested monthly.  If you are unable to do this yourself or find the smoke alarm does not sound, please call our office for one of our electricians to attend.

If the smoke alarm needs to be fitted to a positon where cables cannot be installed a smoke alarm powered by a 10 year life battery that cannot be removed from the alarm should be used.

Designed to be highly sensitive, smoke alarms sound a warning alarm when smoke is detected in the home. Due to their sensitivity, smoke alarms may detect smoke and moisture created by common household activities.

Smoke alarms must be regularly tested to ensure the alarm and batteries operate effectively. We recommend testing once a month as well as cleaning your alarm with a vacuum cleaner annually.

For more information see www.dfes.wa.gov.au (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)

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What appliances do you repair?

We repair an extensive range of appliances, including:

  • Ovens
  • Cook tops – electric cooktops including induction and ceramic. Gas: LPG or natural gas
  • Freestanding duel fuel ranges
  • Rangehoods
  • Steam ovens
  • Built in coffee machines
  • Plus many more – Please call to see if we can help.

Please let us know the make and model of your appliance when you make a booking. If you are not sure, we are happy to investigate for you!

We stock most common parts and can order items for older models. The majority of deliveries arrive from the Eastern States within 5 days. Less common parts may take longer.
We are West Australian service agents for Ilve Kitchen Appliances (www.ilve.com.au), V-Zug (http://www.vzug.com/au/en/), Qasair (http://www.condari.com.au), Sampford IXL  (IXL).

We have over 15 years expeirence with St George Appliances (www.sga.com.au) and Kleenmaid appliances. We can help with both in warranty and out of warranty repairs and service.
As most Kleenmaid customers are no doubt aware, Kleenmaid is no longer trading. As previous service agents with over 10 years experience we have a vast knowledge of the majority of Kleenmaid appliances and have all available spare parts at our disposal.

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to repair microwaves, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines and commercial gas ovens. For built in microwaves, we can remove the appliance, take to a specialist we recommend then reinstall once repaired.

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 What areas do you service?

Thornbury Electrics service the Perth Metropolitan area, – Rockingham to Yanchep and the Hills to the western suburbs. While being Carlisle/Victoria Park based Electrical Contractors, we have easy access to South Perth, Kensington, Applecross, Como, Attadale, Mt Pleasant and to all areas North and South of Perth.  If you require help in an area not mentioned please contact us to see if we can help.

A travel charge may apply depending on your location. Feel free to contact us and find out if a fee applies.

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What do you charge?

Please contact us by calling our office or sending an email  for further information and to book in a time.

Apprentices attend most jobs and are charged according to their year and experience if required. (See apprentices)

Some repairs on larger appliances such as freestanding ranges, large overhead rangehoods may require 2 people for the work to be carried out in a safe manner.

An additional charge for travel may apply for some areas. Please call our office to discuss 9367 8840.

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 Is GST included?

All prices quoted on this site or over the telephone include GST.

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 How do I pay my account?

An invoice will be prepared for you on site. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • MasterCard/ Visa
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Payment is expected on the day of completion. If the account cannot be settled on the day, our terms are 7 days.

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 What is an RCD?

RCDs are safety devices designed to prevent death by electric shock.

These devices monitor the flow of electricity within a circuit. If the amount of electricity flowing into a circuit exceeds the amount leaving, the RCD automatically cuts the electricity supply within 10 to 50 milliseconds of detection.

An RCD is a life-saving investment for your family. To effectively reduce the risk of electric shock, RCD’s should be should be fitted to all power points and lighting circuits in your home.

To reduce incidents of electric shock, the Western Australian Government changed RCD regulations in August 2009. The legislation demands every sold or leased home be fitted with a minimum of two RCDs, which must protect all power points and lighting circuits.

To ensure that the RCD functions correctly, the test button must be pressed every three months. Pushing the test button simulates an earth leakage fault and indicates if the device operates correctly. Electrical clocks and timing devices may need to be reset after the test button has been pushed and the RCD turned back on.

If your RCD trips or will not reset, please don’t force it.  There is either a fault on the circuit or with the RCD.  Please contact us for an urgent appointment.  If an appliance you need is on the problem circuit, try running an extension cord to another power point until we can sort out the fault for you.

For more information go to www.commerce.wa.gov.au/EnergySafety/RCD/

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 What is really involved in an appliance service?

The electrician/ gas technician who performs your repair is supported by an exceptional base of competent and hardworking individuals.

The quality of your technicians service depends on:

  • Licensing
  • Our excellent training specialists.
  • The efficient people, who schedule jobs, obtain spare parts and supply equipment.
  • Investment into office and warehouse facilities, vehicles, equipment, tools, meters and replacement parts.
  • Paying GST, wages, insurance for employees and public liability, superannuation and employee leave.

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What products do we use?

For electrical work, we use Clipsal products whenever possible. Clipsal is a long established Australian owned company. With a 5 year warranty and in-house warranty on the majority of their products, this premier brand is a superior quality product.

For other products, we endeavour to use reputable, Australian made/owned products.
For appliance repairs we use the manufacturer’s original parts whenever possible.

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When are you open?

Our office is attended from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. If calling between these times, occasionally the call will be diverted to an answering machine. Please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  If you need to contact us outside of office hours, please use the contact us page & your enquiry will be answered the next working day.

Appointments are booked with a 2 hour window given between 7.30am and 4pm. If more convenient, a call can be placed to notify you when the tradesperson is on his way.  A reminder text will be sent the day before and when the tradesperson is on their way.

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Where are you located?

Our office is located at 6/75 Robinson Ave, Belmont WA 6104.

Limited on-site parking is available.

South Perth Electrician, Como Electrcian, Applecross Electrician, Nedlands Electrician, Claremont Electrician, Cottesloe Electrician.

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Why use apprentices?

Thornbury Electrics has trained apprentices for over 20 years.

We are committed to educating apprentices, ensuring a bright future for the electrical trade.

Apprentices are charged according to their level of electrical experience. They receive on the job training and assist with electrical repairs and installation.

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