Safety concerns over electrical cable

Energy Safety issues bulletins to all Electrical Contractors notifying company’s of recalls, safety issues and changes effecting the electrical contracting industry.

Late last year mention was made of a recall and stop sale notice on electrical cable imported and sold by Infinity Cable Co (TPS and orange round cable).  Three batches of the Infinity brand cables, which were imported from China, were recalled from New South Wales stores in August.  The company went into Administration in September last year so a formal recall was not possible.  As a result, Energy Safety issued a stop sale notice. The cable was available through Masters Home Improvement stores & smaller trade outlets .  This cables was sold in WA in 2012-2013 and in other states from 2010.

The fault found was that the plastic coating insulation on the cables can become brittle when exposed to high temperatures over time.  Once the coating has perished on the cables, bare exposed wires will result.  All cable branded with the words “Infinity” should be returned to the place of purchase and not used for electrical installation work.  If installed, the cable should be replaced.



A copy of the recall notice can be found at

This recall high lights the need for items of proven quality to be used by electricians and purchases to be made from reputable and experienced electrical wholesalers.  While this may cost a little more, when ever possible Thornbury Electrics use Australian Made switchgear, cable etc.  All purchases are made from companies that can provide a warranty for the products sold.  We want to insure your safety and provide a quality repair or installation that will stand the test of time.

If you have any concerns on the cable used, please contact the electrician who carried out the installation, or contact us.