Racing cars & zoneless induction cooktops

Product focus – De Dietrich 


If you are a car racing enthusiast the name De Dietrich may be familiar to you for reasons other than a company at the forefront in the manufacturer of quality kitchen and laundry appliances.  In 1897 a collaboration began with Ettore Bugatti; culminating in the legendary De Dietrich-Bugatti racing car.  More recently De Dietrich is credited with the world’s most advanced zoneless induction cooktop.

The automobile industry is just one of many areas De Dietrich has been active in since its origins in the late 1600’s. Designed and manufactured mainly in France this prestigious brand has been at the cutting edge of design and invention, responsible for many of the features we now commonly see on ovens and cooktops – 1968 saw De Dietrich introduced the world’s first pyrolytic oven range & in 1997 they launched the world’s first steam oven and invented ‘cold door’ ovens.  

In 1910, De Dietrich launched the world’s first domestic oven, the Mertzwiller Cooker

In 1910, De Dietrich launched the world’s first domestic oven, the Mertzwiller Cooker


In 2011 The revolutionary Piano was unveiled: the world’s most advanced zoneless induction cooktop. Utilizing cutting-edge, intuitive technology ‘Le Piano’ is one of the world’s first fully zoneless induction cooktops.  The Piano received the French award Janus de l’Industrie 2010 for its technical performance and its unparalleled design.

images-1 de-dietrich-dtim1000x-piano-induction-hob-control-panel

Pre-set cooking modes:

  • “Solo” Mode – the entire cooking area is set at a uniform temperature to cook several dishes at the same time with the same setting.
  • “Piano” Mode- obtain 3 separate and independent cooking zones, each with its own adjustable setting. in this setting, you can keep a dish warm on one zone, simmer another dish on the second and boil on the third.
  • “Expert” Function – the “Expert” function recognises the cooking pans and memorises chosen settings. the pans can be moved anywhere on the hob surface and the settings remain programmed (up to 5 different saucepans at the same time).


“De Dietrich appliances are produced in advanced manufacturing facilities in France which have achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and are strongly committed to minimising their carbon footprint.  For De Dietrich, the concern for ecology is in-built: we only design products which use minimal raw materials and energy and are made as recyclable as possible. Indeed all De Dietrich appliances are made with parts that are 95% recyclable and packaged with 100% recyclable materials. Furthermore 97% of our appliances have been given the top grading for energy consumption (i.e., A or even A-10%, an even better rating than A!)  When you invest in a De Dietrich appliance, you are making wise use of the world’s resources.”

De Dietrich offers a full complete collection of induction hobs, available in widths of 93, 80, 65, 38 and 30cm along with an extensive range of kitchen and laundry appliances.  For more information please see the De Dietrich website, the display at the Perth showroom or Liebe & Haus.

Thornbury Electrics are service agents for De Dietrich in WA. We also have extensive experience with older De Dietrich products made under the Brandt banner (eg: Kleenmaid).  Please contact us for further information.