Asko Rangehood, Asko Oven, and Asko Gas Cooktop Repair Specialists

Thornbury Electrics has long been your go-to specialists for everything Asko.

Our employees are all entirely up to date with their electrical workers and gas servicing licenses. These certifications give you complete peace of mind knowing we are qualified to install, maintain and repair all your Asko appliances.

In addition to being properly licensed to complete this work in Australia, we are certified installers for many other brands beyond Asko.

This licensing is vital because having your Asko rangehood, Asko ovens or any other Asko appliance installed by someone improperly certified can void your warranty. Also, if any repairs are necessary, it’s important to make sure the person doing the repairs is a licensed technician or, again, you can void your Asko appliance’s warranty.

Thornbury Electrics has what it takes to meet all of your needs head-on when it comes to Asko products, and we are always more than happy to help you.

Today we’ll briefly discuss repairs that are sometimes inevitable with certain Asko appliances. Throughout your time of using them, maintenance and care are crucial if you want to keep your rangehood, oven and cooktop functioning properly.

We’ll explore Asko rangehood repair, Asko oven repair and Asko gas cooktop repair, so you’ve got all main bases covered.

Asko Rangehood Repairs

When it comes to rangehoods, Asko offers a few distinct types, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Concealed Asko Rangehood:

Great for people who don’t want to see the rangehood all the time. For a streamlined appearance, this type of Asko rangehood blends in with your cabinetry. This doesn’t prevent it from functioning and removing odours or smoke from cooking. Unfortunately, with this rangehood being concealed, you might forget to have it serviced regularly so make sure not to fall foul of forgetfulness!

Canopy Asko Rangehood:

The type of rangehood you’re probably most familiar with seeing in kitchens. They look like a canopy overhanging the cooktop. This is a reliable option for rangehoods because the canopy often covers the entire cooktop, efficiently extracting smoke and fumes. Many of the canopy rangehoods from Asko will even alert you when it’s time to wash the filters.

Slideout Asko Rangehood:

take up much less space than some other styles while still boasting a sleek and contemporary appearance. Asko’s Slideout rangehoods have quiet motors and intuitive controls to make your life easier. These are a ductless type of rangehood, however. To maintain and repair them, you’ll need to call in a skilled technician.

No matter how well the Asko rangehood performs, you’ll perhaps still face some problems with things not working as they should.
Here are some of the most common problems encountered by homeowners:

Rattles or unusual noises. These can be indicative of an ongoing problem in the motor of the rangehood or some loose internal parts. Call a certified technician to take a look and find the problem before it develops into a larger issue.

Not powering on or off. This problem can be caused by many things, which is why it’s essential to have a certified technician determine what is leading to you experiencing this issue.

Buttons won’t work. If the buttons and controls on your rangehood cease to function, there’s likely a wiring issue of some. Only a certified technician can address this problem and fix it for you.

Thankfully, Thornbury Electrics is here to help with any of those issues along with more that haven’t been listed.

For maintenance, we can test the smoke alarm as well as the RCD safety switches to make sure your devices are operating exactly as they should be.

Not only can we come out on a regular service call to keep up with maintenance, but we can also inspect for any issues and service any problems we find while we are there.

If your Asko rangehood seems to be having troubles, call us today so we can get it back in working order for you.

Asko Oven Repairs

Offering convection ovens to pyrolytic ovens to combination steam ovens, Asko has just about everything you could possibly want or need to get your cooking done, and Thornbury Electrics can help you get everything installed and adequately maintained.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone for a single oven or a double oven, a built-in oven, built-under oven or a freestanding oven, you’ll need a certified and licensed technician to get your Asko oven installed correctly.

As with any appliance, problems can appear seemingly from nowhere with Asko ovens. To get to the bottom of these things and get them repaired, you should call on a trusted and certified repair technician like those at Thornbury Electrics.

Steam ovens, pyrolytic ovens and convection ovens all have different systems inside that will have different maintenance and repair requirements. Be sure that whoever you hire to perform this maintenance or any repairs knows how to do so on your specific type of oven.

There are many electrical systems inside your oven, and they can be awkward to access. Beyond this, if you try to fix things yourself without complete confidence in what you’re doing, you might do more than just void your warranty.

You could seriously injure yourself so don’t take any chances.

To avoid potential problems with your oven, you need to be sure to maintain it as instructed. The best way to accomplish this is to rely on a certified technician. This technician will know how to do the following things to maintain your Asko oven:

-Ensure the correct power is being used

-Check the airflow and adjust if necessary

-Adjust the thermocouples and sensors

-Maintain the oven’s blower

-Check the heating elements

-Find and close off heat losses

-Inspect and repair door gaskets

-Ensure the oven is coming up to temperature and cooling down properly

It’s highly unlikely you know how to accomplish these tasks which is why it’s so important that you hire a certified and licensed technician to perform these maintenance needs. Should the technician find any problems with your oven or the systems within it, they will know how to fix them and get your oven back to prime working order.

If your oven is not working like it’s supposed to, if it’s not coming up to temperature or failing to cool off as it should, if it’s making funny noises or if any other problems crop up, be sure to notify a licensed and certified technician to come and maintain and repair any problems.

Asko Gas Cooktop Repairs

When it comes to cooktops, especially gas cooktops, trying to carry out any maintenance or repairs on your own is risky.

You might think gas cooktops are pretty straightforward because there aren’t a lot of electrical components involved, and that’s to some extent true although there is a bit more involved.

Asko gas cooktops use natural gas to heat surface elements and provide fuel for you to cook your food. These cooktops work in different ways. Some use an igniter that lights the gas when you need it while others have a pilot light that is always lit and ready to go. When you flip the switch or knob, air shutters mix the gas and air in the right combination, and it flows to the burners to be used cooking.

There are several things that can go wrong with a gas cooktop and they will all require a certified Asko repair technician to come and fix them.

Some gas cooktops use digital and electric controls, and these should always be maintained and repaired by a qualified electrical worker. Also, anything involving a gas supply line should only ever be carried out by a licensed professional. At Thornbury Electrics, our employees are licensed to work with electricity as well as gas, so you won’t need to hire multiple workers to get the job done.

Some problems you might experience can include:

-The smell of gas when the burners are on or off

-Burners not lighting

-Flame is too low

-Flames are sooty

-Flames are too large

-Electric components won’t function

The causes for these problems can be due to an air shutter being out of place, an ignition module failing, a pilot light went out or a malfunctioning internal range. Some of these problems can be simple, but some are much more complicated. Only a certified technician will be able to diagnose the problem and then repair it for you properly.

If you are experiencing problems with your Asko gas cooktop, be sure to call us today so that we can help you find the problem and quickly get you back to cooking dinner.

Perth’s Best Asko Rangehood, Asko Oven, and Asko Gas Cooktop Repairs

Asko is a great brand of kitchen appliances, but there will always be problems that crop up on occasion. To stay safe and make sure you don’t void your warranty, make sure you always hire a trusted and licensed Asko technician to maintain and repair your appliances. Thornbury Electrics is here for you, and we can help you ensure a long lifespan on all your Asko products!