What to Look for in an Electrical Installation Company in Perth

Trying to find a quality electrical installation company in Perth, Australia can be difficult sometimes. Not everyone is who they say that they are. Some electrics companies in Perth do not have the moxie to be the best electrical installation company around. But you probably need a second opinion, a good place to start. Well, here is a good list of qualities to look for when you are on the search for a high quality business to service your house. For starters, they must have the proper licensing to work. And that is first on the agenda.

License to Install

One of the very first red flags that you should look for when considering a company to hire is a license, or lack thereof. The Electricity Regulations, enacted in 1991, require all companies to have licenses to work in Western Australia. Therefore, if a company does not have a government issued license, it is pretty safe to say that you should not hire them. To give an example of a good company, all employees at Thornbury Electrics have up to date electrical workers licenses and gas servicing licenses. Companies with licenses like those have names and numbers that you can check on the EnergySafety website. This means that if you have any doubts about any of their employees, you can check to see if they have a license. You may not be aware of who or what EnergySafety is. They are the governmental oversight of the electrical industry. EnergySafety is responsible for the safety and technical regulations that are present in Australia.

Licenses, Cannot Live Without Them

So with that information in mind, what does a license actually do for you, the customer? Well, it ensures that only qualified workers maintain and repair your electrical equipment when you need it. As part of the deal, workers must provide you with a safety certificate once all work on electrics is complete. Again, EnergySafety requires this. Once a job is completed, any company worth its salt sends a notice of completion back to EnergySafety.

Finally, part of the licensing process can involve someone training to become a cabler. They should be registered as such. For any work that involves cabling, it must be performed or supervised by a registered cabler. This kind of work includes data, telephone, and fire and security alarm systems. To perform that work, registered cablers undertake training modules.

Install, Maintain, and Repair

Okay, that’s the first step down. You have checked with your chosen company and they are licensed. The next step is to make sure that they have experience with different brands. Here are a few examples of some different companies that a contractor should be familiar with. The companies include IXL™, Ilve™, Kleenmaid™, V-Zug™, Asko™ and more. A good contractor should be able to maintain, install, or repair most anything from those companies.

Now, why is it so important to have your appliances repaired by an official agent such as Thornbury Electrics? You can void the warranty for international brands like many of those listed above if you do not use an official agent. This is why it is very important to have repairs done by a licensed technician.

Power Consumption

For more general maintenance of your home, you may not be as concerned. Your wallet should be though. Many Australians actually tend to pay more than they need to. This is because many people accidentally leave their lights on when they do not intend to. A good electrical installation company can provide you with different light switches to reduce your overall electricity consumption. Additionally, they should be able to provide a meter that gauges the use of electricity in your home. If you want to be able to calculate your total power usage yourself, go ahead and visit this helpful page.

The Best Electrician Is the One Next Door

The last quality to look for in a good contractor is convenience. Have they streamlined the hiring process? Have they made it easy to check on their licenses? Have they made themselves available to come to your home? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you may want to reconsider your choice. Since they are so easy to use an example, Thornbury Electrics comes to their client’s homes with vans fully loaded to take care of business. Not only that, but they also service a good portion of Western Australia.

Qualified? Qualified.

So there you have it. Before the end, it may be good to offer one last word of advice. Before you commit to a contractor, iron these things out beforehand. If you can, get a statement from them that says that they have all of these points take care of. That way, if they renege on their word, you have backup. If you are looking for a qualified electric installation company, Thornbury Electrics is a great place to start your search.