Smoke Alarms Perth – what you need to know

Don’t be an April Fool when it comes to maintaining your smoke alarmFESA have nominated the easy to remember date of April 1 to change the battery in your smoke alarm.  The 9V battery acts as a backup if there is any interruption to your power supply so should smoke be detected but you have lost power, the alarm will still sound.

Smoke alarms are an essential safety device for your home.

All smoke alarms have a recognised service life of 10 years before they become unreliable. Smoke alarms therefore need to be changed every 10 years.  When the battery requires replacing, a warning beep will sound every 60 seconds for a minimum of 7 days.

Smoke alarm regulations

In 2009 it became compulsory for all houses, units etc being sold or rented to have smoke alarms fitted. Mains powered smoke alarms are wired into your house’s electrical system and have to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

How do I know if they are working?

All smoke alarms are fitted with a test switch and FESA recommends all units should be tested monthly.  Designed to be highly sensitive, smoke alarms sound a warning alarm when smoke is detected in the home. Due to their sensitivity, smoke alarms may detect smoke and moisture created by common household activities.

Smoke alarms must be regularly tested to ensure the alarm and batteries operate effectively. We recommend testing once a month as well as cleaning your alarm with a vacuum cleaner annually.

If the smoke alarm needs to be fitted to a position where cables cannot be installed a smoke alarm powered by a 10 year life battery that cannot be removed from the alarm should be used.

We use and recommend Clipsal products.  Clipsal smoke alarms are backed by a 5 year warranty.

For more information see (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)

If you have any problems changing the battery or the smoke alarm needs to be replaced, please call us (08) 9367 1198 and we can organise for one of friendly electricians to call out.

Talking to Gorillas?

You’ve changed your smoke alarm battery and your April 1 duties are completed.  For some light relief , have a look at this ABC News clip about how to communicate with gorillas