How Fire Safe is Your Home?

The idea of having a fire in your home is scary, and many people don’t think it’ll happen to them. However, with around 2,500 fire deaths a year, and a further 500 deaths related to carbon dioxide, it’s essential to regularly carry out fire safety audits in your home. This only takes a short time, but in the event of a fire can save lives. While winter is the worst month for fires, due to people using heaters, a fire can break out any time of year. Here are some simple things you can do to improve fire safety at home.

Check your smoke alarm

While it’s now the law for every home to have at least one smoke alarm, a shocking statistic shows that only 75% of homes have working smoke alarms. You should have one on each level of your home, and an electrician in Perth can easily install smoke alarms for you. Fire safety experts offer the following tips for ensuring your smoke alarm works:

  • Test monthly and replace batteries every six months
  • If your alarm is hardwired, ensure it has a battery backup in case of a power cut
  • Ensure the alarm is still loud when you test – alarms can wear out over time
  • If your alarm is regularly activated by kitchen smoke, it may need to be replaced sooner
  • If the detector often gives false alarms or makes beeping sounds, it may need replacing

Testing your smoke alarm takes seconds, but can make the difference between a minor fire and a fatal one.

Smoke Alarm

Keep your kitchen safe

Half of all fires start in the kitchen, so this is an excellent place to start. Faulty appliances can often cause fires, so it’s important to have regular servicing carried out by an electrician in Victoria Park. If you suspect an appliance is faulty, then unplug it until an electrician can check it over. Unattended cooking is also a major cause of fires. Be careful when using chip pans in particular, and have a fire blanket on hand just in case.

Use heaters carefully

Many homeowners use freestanding heaters during the winter months, and these are often to blame for the rise in bedroom fires. Never hang laundry over a heater or cover it up in any way, as this can cause it to heat and set on fire. If you smoke, try to avoid doing it in the bedroom, and make sure cigarettes are carefully extinguished before you go to sleep.

Have an escape plan

Should the worst happen, it’s important that family members know how to quickly exit the house. Remember, you may not be able to leave via the front door, so find different escape routes such as windows and ensure that window keys are close at hand in case you need to get out quickly. If you have multiple floors, you may need to find places where you can climb from the window. Agree on a meeting point outside, and ensure everyone knows not to run back into a burning building.

To ensure your home electricals are safe, call Thornbury Electrics in Perth on (08) 9367 8840. They can check appliances, and ensure your smoke alarms are working well, so you are prepared for an emergency.